Ralph Atoria, Chairman

AttoriaHeadshotRalph Atoria has been with South Farmingdale Water District since 1991. For 34 years, he served as a fireman with the South Farmingdale Fire Department (and as Chief 1984–1985).

During his time as Water Commissioner, he has played a key role in monitoring the expenditure of tax dollars and has been influential in establishing monitoring wells for the Liberty Industrial site, iron filtration systems, new computer systems and remote meter reading.

Ralph has been a resident of Farmingdale since 1958. He has provided many years of community service to the area as a Nassau County police officer and as a trustee within the South Farmingdale Fireman’s Benevolent Association.


John Hirt, Treasurer

HirtHeadshotJohn Hirt has been with the district since 1998. He is retired from Federal Express.

During his tenure as Commissioner, the Water District has integrated a state-of-the-art iron filtration plant that has drastically reduced the presence of iron in local drinking water. The district has also increased the efficiency of reading water meters with more technically advanced field equipment.

John Hirt has been a resident of Farmingdale since 1958. Before becoming Commissioner for the South Farmingdale Water District, he was a Fire Commissioner for the South Farmingdale Fire District.


Gary Brosnan, Secretary

BronsonHeadshotGary Brosnan has a long history of community service and clear knowledge of issues affecting the district that amply qualify him for his new duties.

Mr. Brosnan has been a volunteer for the North Massapequa Fire Department for a total of 38 years, eight of those years he served as Fire Chief. His commitment to the community and its residents is exemplified in his volunteer work, and he’s lived in the North Massapequa for 55 years.

South Farmingdale Water District continues to be ranked among the top water suppliers by national standards, and Gary is committed to maintaining this level of service indefinitely.