Backflow Testing

Testing of Backflow Prevention Devices (RPZ and DCV devices only) and Filing

Testing of the backflow prevention device must be performed by a state certified tester upon installation, and annual testing must be conducted thereafter.

Each year a certified tester must test the device and file the results with the South Farmingdale Water District and the Nassau County Department of Health.  The form used must be completed in its entirety, otherwise it will be rejected.

Click here to download Department of Health Testing Form

Click here to download list of Nassau County Certified Backflow Testers

backflow deviceIMPORTANT NOTE: The South Farmingdale Water District has been unable thus far, to obtain a current list of certified backflow testers, with contact information. This link,, from the NY State website, is current, but does not have phone numbers. Although this link has expired license information, it does contain phone numbers. A cross reference of the two lists may provide assistance. We apologize for this inconvenience as we continue to try to get comprehensive information in one list.

For more information on backflow prevention devices and installation, please contact the South Farmingdale Water District at (516) 249-3330.