Safe and Secure Water Wells – We Need Your Help

It’s extremely important for all of us to maintain a heightened sense of awareness, particularly as it affects our safety and security.

As a member of our community, we’re asking you to help us in assuring this safety by reporting any unusual activity around water well sites in your area. While there have been no incidents or any reports of suspicious activity so far, vigilance remains a priority for the South Farmingdale Water District, as well as all districts, in the interests of homeland security.

If you see a van, truck or any persons who do not look as if they belong there, or if you see what appears NOT to be ordinary, official business occurring at or near well sites, we ask that you contact the South Farmingdale Water District immediately at 516-249-3330.

Use Sense, Stay Safe

The old saying goes, “A man’s home is his castle.” Nobody wants to think they may not be safe in their own home. Unfortunately, there are fraudulent people who will try to gain access to your home in order to commit a crime. Therefore, we urge you to be careful when someone claiming to be a Water District employee appears on your doorstep to read a water meter, confirm a leak or sell you a water filtration device. Don’t be fooled by imposters.

It is rare that anyone from the Water District will show up at your home. In fact, 99% of our visits to residents’ homes are by appointment. Even if there is an emergency, such as a water main break, we will notify you when we’ll be in the area.

If someone comes to your door claiming to be a Water District employee, ask to see his or her identification card. If you have any doubts about his or her identity, please call the District at (516) 249-3330 for verification. Our employees have been trained by the Nassau County police regarding identification procedures to help identify imposters.

Remember, a little bit of common sense goes a long way in protecting yourself and your family members. Trust your instincts and call the Water District. We will be happy to help you.