Budget Hearing


Notice is hereby given that pursuant with New York State Town Law, Section 215(9a) The South Farmingdale Water District will hold a public hearing on the proposed budget for 2024 on Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 4:00 P.M. in the Board Room located at 40 Langdon Road, Farmingdale, New York. A proposed budget will be presented to the residents and taxpayers of the South Farmingdale Water District for their respective input and comments at this public hearing.   The proposed budget will be available for inspection at the District Administration Building, 40 Langdon Road, Farmingdale, New York, Monday through Friday from 9:00a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Also pursuant to General Municipal Law Section 6-d, the SFWD Board of Commissioners will discuss the use of Repair Reserves in the amount of up to $300,000 for the repair of Well 1-4.

Board of Commissioners
South Farmingdale Water District

Drilling Notice

This notification is being distributed on behalf of the Department of Navy (Navy) to inform you of environmental drilling to be conducted in your neighborhood. The Navy, in conjunction with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, will be conducting these activities in the following locations:

  1. At the intersection of Dover Avenue and Poplar Street (click here for PDF)
  2. Along the north side of South Park Drive, east of its intersection with Wood Ave (click here for PDF)
  3. On Daniel Road S, just south of William Road (click here for PDF)
  4. At the intersection of Amherst Dr. and Brookline Dr. (click here for PDF)
  5. Along the south side of North Pine St, between Garden Ave. and Rutland Rd. (click here for PDF)

September 15, 2023

This notification is being distributed on behalf of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to inform you of environmental drilling to be conducted in your neighborhood at the following locations:

  1. On Willard Ave. adjacent to Hart Street and along North Dr. between West Dr. and Sunset Dr.  (click here for PDF)

Annual Hydrant Flushing – April 2023

The South Farmingdale Water District will begin its annual hydrant flushing program on Sunday April 2nd.

For a period of two weeks, strategically selected hydrants will be flushed each weeknight, from midnight to 6:00 AM, to remove harmless sedimentation from the water distribution system.

During this period, we suggest you check your water before doing laundry, as your water may become discolored as a result of the flushing. If it is discolored, running your cold water for several minutes should clear it up.

If there are any questions call us at 516-249-3330 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30pm PM, Monday through Friday,

Also note, that is the number to use after hours for emergencies.

Thank you.

Water Meter Endpoint Replacement Program Underway

Update 2/9/23:
We are nearing the end of our replacement program that started in early 2022. VEPO has mailed out notices to customers who have not scheduled an appointment yet. Please note that starting with the second billing quarter of 2023 (April, May, June), the district will charge an additional service charge of $50 per quarter for those residences that have not complied with the upgrade. See below to schedule an appointment to avoid this service charge.

Thank you for your necessary cooperation.


Endpoints enable us to obtain water meter readings remotely. Back in March 2022 we advised that we were beginning a mandatory replacement program. Replacement is mandatory due to the cellular industry’s termination of 3G CDMA cellular service, which is the service that the old endpoints utilize.

After our SFWD employees did a great job changing out and processing nearly 9,000 endpoints between March and September, the SFWD has now contracted with VEPO Metering to assist with the remainder of the installations.

In most cases the old endpoint is attached to the outside of your premises and will be where the new endpoint is placed.

Letters will be mailed out by VEPO advising you to call them to make an appointment. Also,  their workers will be visiting certain neighborhoods and will knock on doors to attempt to advise you of their presence. If you are present, they will proceed with the work, which takes approximately 15 minutes, with no interruption to water service. If you are not present, they will leave a notice for you to call VEPO for an appointment.

In the few instances where it is predetermined that access to the inside of your premises is required, VEPO will call you to set an appointment.

There are several ways to identify VEPO technicians:

  • they will have a VEPO Metering photo identification;
  • they wear gray uniforms from top to bottom with the VEPO Metering logo prominently displayed;
  • their vehicle will have a car magnet identifying them as VEPO employees working with the South Farmingdale Water District

You can call 877-860-8376 to speak with a VEPO customer service representative or you can visit their website to schedule an appointment:

https://utilityscheduler.com/scheduler/sfwd     (please have your water account number ready)

Thank you for your necessary cooperation
South Farmingdale Water District

Food Drive Success

The South Farmingdale Water District  was an official food drive drop off site for Long Island Cares Inc., the Harry Chapin Regional Food Bank (LICares.org) from November 2022 through December 2022

South Farmingdale Water District (SFWD) customers donated HUNDREDS of pounds of food to assist those less fortunate. The donated food was brought to the Long Island Cares Bethpage super pantry location at 386 North Wantagh Avenue, where donations are accepted and distributed to those in need year round. (516 753 9880).

Although SFWD is not accepting donations at this time, please continue to donate as you are so moved, at the Bethpage L I Cares location or see this link for other locations:


Top 10 most needed items

  • Cereals
  • Low fat, boxed & non refrigerated milk
  • Canned vegetables
  • White rice
  • Cooking oil
  • Pasta, tomato sauce
  • Canned meat, poultry, fish
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly, jam & spreadable fruit
  • Please – no glass jars

Help us to help others

If you or someone you know is experiencing food insecurity, call 631–582-FOOD

Water Main Replacement Project Update

Dear Resident:

Starting Monday, September 19th, as part of our ongoing watermain replacement program, the South Farmingdale Water District (SFWD) will be replacing the water main in your street.

The project is expected to last from 8 to 10 weeks. During the day, you may experience an interruption to your water service. We will make every effort to inform you of these interruptions either verbally or via a written notice. We also will make every effort to keep these water interruptions as short as possible.

There will be a trench in the road during the water main installation. The road will be temporarily repaired at the end of each day. A final restoration of the trench in the road will follow the completion of all work.

The contractor is Merrick Utilities, Inc. SFWD personnel will also be onsite during the construction if you any questions or comments. Please feel free to seek out SFWD personnel if you need anything. You can also call our office at 516-249-3330.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this important water main project.


Francis J. Koch, P.E.

Conservation and Preservation for Tomorrow Starts Today

District Urges Community to Continue to Conserve Water During Peak Consumption Months

The District reminds the community that in the heat of summer it is important to be extra mindful of water consumption and conservation. May through September are the peak months for water consumption, when outdoor usage, including recreational use, and residential and commercial lawn irrigation, place the greatest demands on the District’s infrastructure. During these warm months, especially July through early September, water usage is five times greater than water usage during the winter. The District continues to deliver an uninterrupted supply of water to consumers, yet it’s important to note that excessive use of water places great stress on the SFWD distribution system.

“We encourage our consumers to do their part to help conserve water during the peak pumping season,” stated Ralph Atoria, Chairman of the South Farmingdale Water District Board of Commissioners. “Protecting our water supply for generations to come is important for all of us.

Water conservation assists in ensuring the adequate supply, delivery and proper flow of water for everyday use, and for fire protection needs.

South Farmingdale Water District also reminds consumers to adhere to Nassau County’s sprinkling rules, which prohibits irrigation of all residential and commercial properties between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day. Sprinkling is allowed during other hours provided the following rules are observed:

  1. Properties with odd number addresses may water on odd dates of the month.
  2. Properties with an even-number addresses, or no number at all may water on even days of the month.

Effective water conservation can also help reduce a consumer’s water bill. A list of tips and techniques affecting water usage and conservation methods can be found by visiting our Conservation Page.