Capital Improvements To Begin During Fall 2014

This summer, SFWD will issue a bond to fund capital improvements to improve the infrastructure of our water system and maintain our valuable community assets now and in the future.

At a public meeting earlier in 2014, the District informed consumers about the necessary improvements and their funding. The five-year capital improvement requested from the Town of Oyster Bay will have a minimal impact on taxes.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Replacement of deteriorating water mains (some in service for nearly 80 years).
  • Installation of an additional iron removal filter system at Plant 1.
  • Upgrade of security systems at all wells and plant sites.
  • Painting our 1,000,000-gallon elevated water tank at Plant 1 to prevent corrosion and to maintain the special interior coatings, which will prolong the life of the steel.

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