From the Desk of Gary Brosnan, Secretary of the Board

GaryBrosn4x5On behalf of the South Farmingdale Water District and Board of Commissioners, I’d like to warn residents to be aware of false and misleading statements and claims recently made about Long Island water quality.  A local organization has been leaving solicitous door tags and flyers with area residents which offer free water testing.  The promotional materials contain misleading information, which may alarm uninformed residents. While the South Farmingdale Water District cannot forbid the company from continuing its marketing ploys and erroneous claims, the District has made it clear that the water delivered to your home meets or exceeds water quality standards. In keeping with New York State Law, the South Farmingdale Water District publishes a water quality report annually and releases the report to the community (by mail and web) each May.

Flyers from this local company indicate that they will test your water for FREE and they will return the test samples and indicate that the resident should invest in a filtered water system.

As a loyal, community-minded public service, the South Farmingdale Water District ensures that our local water is held to the highest quality standards and continually meets or exceeds NYS standards for water quality.  All of our water is tested by a third party, and all results are available on our website at  Or, you may call and request a copy by mail at: (516) 249-3330.  The SFWD has been providing clean, quality water to the communities it serves since 1931, and we’ll continue to do so for generations to come.  Thank you once again for your time and being such loyal consumers.

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