Liberty Superfund Site Decision Benefits South Farmingdale and Massapequa Water Districts and its Consumers

After years of legal negotiations, South Farmingdale Water District and Massapequa Water District have reached a settlement over the Liberty Superfund Site.

The Principle Responsible Parties (PRPs) will reimburse the South Farmingdale and Massapequa Water Districts for the costs of permits, construction, design, sampling, and installation of the outpost monitoring wells, which were installed by the two water districts in 1997.

The outpost monitoring wells were placed upstream from Plant #2 Site on Lourae Drive, South Farmingdale. The monitoring wells provide an early warning system to alert both Districts if contamination from the U.S. EPA Superfund Site at the Liberty Industrial Site was approaching – therefore enabling the Districts to react to potentially contaminated water in an expedient amount of time. The last round of sampling showed absolutely no signs of contamination from the site, but both Districts will continue to monitor the situation.

The Liberty Site has been the focus of cooperative activity for cleanup for decades. The South Farmingdale Water District and Massapequa Water District jointly worked on the project, to control costs and protect the taxpayer.

The mission of the South Farmingdale Water District has always been to protect the taxpayers in its community from bearing the cost of cleanup operations, as well as to ensure a high quality water supply now and for future generations. The commissioners want to assure community members that they will continue to be vigilant in carrying out this objective.

Local residents requesting more information are invited to contact the South Farmingdale Water District’s office at 40 Langdon Road, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Telephone: (516) 249-3330, or visit

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