No Tax Increase for 2012

For the second consecutive year, the SFWD has contained costs and conserved tax dollars, therefore, there will be no rate increase for 2012. This achievement further demonstrates the immediate benefits of local control and how the SFWD has historically and successfully managed the budget at no increased cost to the consumer.

The announcement is a welcome change of pace for taxpayers in a year of financial uncertainties and rising costs on basic commodities. Residents can rest assured that all current projects to improve efficiency and maintain high water quality standards will stay in place, without compromise and without increased costs.

Some little-known facts are that SFWD water rates are about 2% below the national average (source: American Water Works Associations) and that the consumers’ water tax is less than 1.7% of their total tax bill.

The Commissioners noted, “It is our fiscal responsibility to work within our budgets. As public servants and residents of the District, it is our duty to protect our fellow taxpayers and deliver the safest and best water possible.”

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