SFWD Welcomes New Superintendent – Francis Koch, P.E.

news_kochSouth Farmindale Water District is proud to announcement the appointment of Francis (Frank) Koch, P.E. as new superintendent of the water district. Frank arrives at SFWD with 23 years of experience from the Incorporated Village of Garden City. His first seven years there was as project engineer, followed by 16 years serving as Superintendent.

As a professional engineer, Frank brings a wealth of knowledge and technical experience to South Farmingdale Water District. He’s largely qualified to work directly with the District’s professional engineering firms and brings a different perspective to the operations team. “Part of my job is to have everyone come together for the betterment of the District,” said Koch. “I look forward to working with our outside vendors and engineers and to having our crew be ready for all projects that help maintain and run this District. South Farmingdale has a stellar reputation within the water industry, and I’m fortunate to work alongside an incredibly dedicated group of individuals.”

Frank grew up in Malverne and earned his Bachelor’s in Engineering – Civil Engineering from Manhattan College. He moved to Westchester, NY for a brief period of time after college before returning to his neighborhood roots in Malverne. He’s lived there since and has been married to his wife Kelly for the last 10 years. Frank is also a former volunteer for the Malverne Fire Department and is an active member in his local community.

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