South Farmingdale Water District Issues Citizen Safety Alert

citizens_alertImposters Posing as District and Health Department Employees Burglarizing Homes

 The South Farmingdale Water District urges all residents to be aware of fraudulent activities within the community.  Recently there has been a wave of burglaries where imposters, posing as officials from the water district or department of health, approach people’s homes asking to gain entrance to inspect the water meter. These con men represent themselves as employees. They work in pairs, male or female, and make people feel comfortable about allowing them into their home.

It’s important that all residents take extreme caution, keep the door locked and call 9-1-1 immediately. These perpetrators have been canvassing the county for months and numerous incidents have been reported to Nassau County Police.

The District commented, “We are very concerned about the safety of our consumers and the fraudulent and criminal activity within our community. These perpetrators typically target senior citizens with bogus identification and distract the resident while their accomplice ransacks the home and commits theft.  By the time the imposter conducts his or her alleged business, the accomplice is long gone and the home has been burglarized.”

It is extremely rare that anyone from the SFWD will need to enter the home. Even if there is an emergency such as a water main break, the District will notify a resident in advance without a need to enter the house.

If you have any information or tips about these crimes, please contact the Nassau County Police (911) immediately.

South Farmingdale Water District’s office is located at: 40 Langdon Road, Farmingdale, NY 11735.  Telephone: (516) 249-3330.

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