U.S. Navy Actively Monitoring Drinking Wells Within The Community

navy_monitoring_2015In an effort to continually monitor our drinking water, the U.S. Navy has chosen selective sites within the local community to report on the potential flow of the Grumman plume.

Consumers shouldn’t be alarmed as this is standard protocol and procedure. As part of the process of monitoring the plume, these massive drilling rigs are supervised and operated by professional engineers, and a reporting structure has been created to monitor the groundwater within the aquifer.

The South Farmingdale Water District wants to remind all consumers that these monitoring rigs are issued by the U.S. Navy, not by the Water District. While they may create an inconvenience for some residents, this is a normal part of the monitoring process.

While the District has not yet been impacted, a proactive plan was put in place to construct two treatment facilities within the District in anticipation of the plume. The District has successfully negotiated a settlement for Plant No. 1 and Plant No. 3 with the U.S. Navy for reimbursement, which has covered all costs toward construction, operation and maintenance. Both plants are online and fully operational while the District continually monitors the movement of the plume.

To further protect consumer drinking water, South Farmingdale Water District tests our water far more often than is required by law.

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