Update: Elevated Water Tank Rehabilitation On Schedule

Tower_0071The rehabilitation of the elevated water tank at Plant No. 1 on Langdon Road is officially underway. Phase I of the tank rehabilitation started this spring with an assessment of the tank and replacement of all the valves underneath the tank. Phase II includes shrouding and painting of the elevated tank, which started in November and will continue into the winter. During this phase, the tank will be fully covered so that local residents will not be exposed to debris, paint and fumes.

Lead-free and copper-free paint will be used throughout the entire process and SFWD is the first District on Long Island to utilize a new high-tech coating system, which should last up to 20 years!

What’s important to note is after a full review and assessment, the structural integrity of the tank is intact. The tank is standing tall, yet the makeover is a necessity. Our massive water tank, which reaches 14 stories high, started to show definite signs of wear and tear since it was last worked on close to 20 years ago. The tank needs interior and exterior work to remedy corrosion and keep it safe from the elements. We will provide updates as we progress on the rehabilitation.

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