Water Meter Endpoint Replacement Program Underway

Update 2/9/23:
We are nearing the end of our replacement program that started in early 2022. VEPO has mailed out notices to customers who have not scheduled an appointment yet. Please note that starting with the second billing quarter of 2023 (April, May, June), the district will charge an additional service charge of $50 per quarter for those residences that have not complied with the upgrade. See below to schedule an appointment to avoid this service charge.

Thank you for your necessary cooperation.


Endpoints enable us to obtain water meter readings remotely. Back in March 2022 we advised that we were beginning a mandatory replacement program. Replacement is mandatory due to the cellular industry’s termination of 3G CDMA cellular service, which is the service that the old endpoints utilize.

After our SFWD employees did a great job changing out and processing nearly 9,000 endpoints between March and September, the SFWD has now contracted with VEPO Metering to assist with the remainder of the installations.

In most cases the old endpoint is attached to the outside of your premises and will be where the new endpoint is placed.

Letters will be mailed out by VEPO advising you to call them to make an appointment. Also,  their workers will be visiting certain neighborhoods and will knock on doors to attempt to advise you of their presence. If you are present, they will proceed with the work, which takes approximately 15 minutes, with no interruption to water service. If you are not present, they will leave a notice for you to call VEPO for an appointment.

In the few instances where it is predetermined that access to the inside of your premises is required, VEPO will call you to set an appointment.

There are several ways to identify VEPO technicians:

  • they will have a VEPO Metering photo identification;
  • they wear gray uniforms from top to bottom with the VEPO Metering logo prominently displayed;
  • their vehicle will have a car magnet identifying them as VEPO employees working with the South Farmingdale Water District

You can call 877-860-8376 to speak with a VEPO customer service representative or you can visit their website to schedule an appointment:

https://utilityscheduler.com/scheduler/sfwd     (please have your water account number ready)

Thank you for your necessary cooperation
South Farmingdale Water District

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