Water Tank Rehabilitation Continues at Plant No. 1

The rehabilitation of the elevated water tank at Plant No. 1 (Langdon Road) began last spring and is well underway. This massive 140 foot structure has not been painted for over 20 years, and although it was showing its age, it’s important to note that the structural integrity of the tank is completely intact.

Currently, phase II of the rehabilitative process includes sandblasting, stripping and adding primer coats to both the inside and outside of the tank. Lead-free and copper-free paint is being used throughout the entire process and SFWD is the first District on Long Island to utilize a new high-tech coating system, which should last up to 20 years!

The project began with an assessment of the tank and replacement of all the valves underneath the tank. Phase II started in November and will continue through the spring and into the summer. During this time, the tank will be fully covered to protect local residents from potential debris, paint and fumes.

Check back on our website for project updates this summer.

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