Well Site Construction and Renovations Underway

As South Farmingdale Water District (SFWD) nears the completion of its 5-Year Capital Improvement Campaign, many strategic initiatives were set in place to improve upon pressure and flow throughout the District.

In a continuing effort to meet demand, our planned renovation and construction at Plant No. 1 (Well 1-4) will go a long way toward achieving these objectives. The new construction and renovation of the well began in Spring 2017. Bringing the well back online gives the District flexibility and redundancy throughout the system. The well will draw water from 758 feet deep into the largest of Long Island’s aquifers, the Magothy, and will have a production capacity of 1,200 gallons per minute (GPM), or 2 million gallons per day! Equally impressive are the cost saving numbers.

Since the new well will require iron removal, (a very common situation in water throughout Long Island), the decision to share existing resources at Plant 1 makes construction and implementation far more cost-effective. The project is on budget and is scheduled for completion in early 2018.

SFWD installs three iron filtration tanks at Plant No. 1 treatment building. The iron vessels will soon serve Well 1-4 which is under construction and will be fully operational in early 2018.

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