Winter is Here! Eight Winterizing Tips To Follow This Season.

Old Man Winter can be brutally tough on homes, and depending on where you live—his icy cold breath can create a lot of expensive damage. Here are some ways to minimize potential damage by gaining an overall big picture of your home or business.

  1. Examine the condition of your current plumbing and piping…inside and outside. Identify the pipes that will be most affected or most vulnerable to freezing and protect them with insulation to prevent freezing and subsequent thawing and/or bursting.
  2. Always know the location of your emergency shut-off valve and outdoor pipes in case of an emergency.
  3. Disconnect and drain all outside hoses to prevent freezing. Outdoor hoses should be stored where they will not freeze to prevent cracking. Replacing hoses can be expensive!
  4. Turn off all outside spigots from inside your house then drain the lines and leave the spigots open. Foam insulation covers are available for outside spigots.
  5. Shut down and thoroughly drain all lawn sprinkler systems.
  6. Check meter pit covers to assure that they are securely bolted down and intact.
  7. Attention Snowbirds! If you are snow birding to warmer climates, or going away for a lengthy time during the winter, you might consider shutting off your water pump and water heater.
  8. This winter, keep an eye out for any fire hydrant that may become buried in the wake of a plow. Always remember to keep fire hydrants free from snow and debris.

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